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Strong pioneering new products - pen electric cables

Benefit is growing along with the company, the company for electrical products constantly expanding, in November 2012, the company introduced research and development of new product project -- an LVDS electric wire, an LVDS wire is a kind of to meet today's high performance data transmission, the application of new technology products. In the middle of June 2013 to open the first an LVDS production line, because of market demand and business orders, in October to open the second production lines, production has reached 160, the introduction of advanced laser laser machine market two, both at home and abroad the most advanced automatic send tin welding hot press 6 sets, welding wire system Cheng Quanxi homework, avoid the traditional solder paste operation, more refined process, improves product quality and stability, the monthly output 100000, plans to open six production lines in 2014, the monthly output of 400000. Annual production of 5000000.