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Smartphone tablet driver electroacoustic industry continues to grow

Consumer electronics 2.0, intelligent, cloud, light, high speed main characteristics into a new era, the electronic industry towards high efficiency, thin and light. Intelligent electronic products will greatly improve the voice interaction function, electroacoustic product must achieve a better sound collection, processing and synthetic function, makes the electroacoustic device efficiency improved. Light is the inevitable development trend of consumer electronics, to electroacoustic device also puts forward the design requirements of thinner, advancing multiple applications of new technologies, new products, new solutions. Electroacoustic industry will significantly benefit from the 2.0 era of consumer electronics.

Smart phones, tablets, drive the electroacoustic industry continues to grow. From the point of the current market application, mobile phone is still a major market, electro-acoustic industry as the smartphone shipments continued ascension, electroacoustic device usage and product value. Tablets in emerging markets outbreak of rapid growth, pay attention to the entertainment application, become a new growth engine of electroacoustic device industry.

Speaker modularization, function diversification in electroacoustic enterprise value-added. Compared with the traditional loudspeaker device, the design of loudspeaker module way greatly decrease the difficulty of acoustical design mobile phone companies at the same time improve the acoustic design of the enterprise value, improve the product value. Meanwhile some enterprises adopt integrated sound cavity antenna design scheme of the antenna with a speaker module combination, further integration of industrial chain.

Noise reduction technology push the microphone market multiplication. With ever increasing new product requirement for acoustic device, microphone, noise reduction technology is more apple, samsung, HTC, huawei and other manufacturers to adopt, chip design, using multiple microphone and noise reduction, greatly increasing the voice of the consumer electronics collection and noise filtering ability, also promote miniature microphone market have multiplied, as the iphone 5 import three microphone design, the future of consumer electronics in the microphone usage is expected to continue to increase, promote industry continues to grow.

Silicon microphones (MEMS) into the mainstream of the industry. With traditional electret microphone (ECM) cannot meet the new era of consumer electronics products of electroacoustic device are lightweight, highly effective requirements, by MEMS technology matures, the silicon microphone (MEMS) has gradually become a mainstream market trend, the mainstream models in international companies in the rapid popularization, become a miniature microphone industry one of the important driving force of rapid growth of the size of the market.