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Silicon micro MEMS microphones prospects look pretty

The so-called great music sound, elephant shape. Never stop about the mysteries of the voice in the world, from micro microphones to voice systems, is including, Knowles electronics, such as IBM, the key areas of international semiconductor manufacturers are developing. Acoustic by the Chinese academy of sciences and China is a breakthrough in the field of compny, acoustic, research and development achievements reached the world advanced level, and actively cooperate with the industry producers, seeks the achievement industrialization road.

Silicon microphones will replace traditional condenser microphone

Specially engaged in the development of micro silicon microphone manufacturers, Knowles electronics that based on the technology of semiconductor silicon micro microphones will replace traditional capacitor microphone. CMOS MEMS microphones will soon replace the electret condenser microphone, which is a kind of technology has decades of history. At present, the consistency of MEMS microphones will be better than the consistency of electret condenser microphone more than 4 times, so the MEMS microphone is especially suitable for cost-effective microphone arrays, which, to be a better match of the microphone will improve acoustic formation and lower noise.

Knowles electronics, he says, is micro-electromechanical technology has completely change the microphone in the phone design concept. Because of its small volume than traditional capacitive microphone, can be used together with other components back to soldering furnace assembly features, making it in now increasingly thin mobile phone design concept has become increasingly important. And its automatic assembly and easy with the new requirements in the new functional characteristics of the integrated circuit (IC), more let it naturally become the best choice for mobile phone design. In the design of micro electromechanical microphones in the new phone has become the mainstream in the inevitable.

In fact the microphone is one of the CMOS MEMS technology application only. CMOS MEMS will make all the mechanical and electronic sensor structure, analog and digital signal processing function, thus will acoustics, inertia and RF system integration in a chip.

The growing international vendor participants

Knowles electronic personage analysis, because of these microphones are made using standard CMOS technology, so the design of a new microphone will work with notebook computers, mobile phones and digital media system in the field of consumer electronics such as rapid design cycle phase synchronization. More microphone application alternatives can reduce end product size, emerging applications will inevitably receive more support.

In the same small applications, the following technology also have SAM (small array microphones) technology, can eliminate the acoustic echo of 65 db (a) and 20 decibels of non-stationary noise, its nonlinear echo to eliminate technology can achieve fully anechoic communication effect. At present the voice input technology has been widely used in automotive hands-free/remote communication, PC and laptop, smart phone/GPS/PDA, and audio/video conference telephone system.

From microphone chip to the system, the international investment continued to strengthen, and to enlarge the application scope. IBM is currently in cooperation with many universities by voice to manipulation of the mobile Internet, after the access to information, through the voice Web browser output. IBM now the project is still in its infancy, has not yet been able to achieve large-scale commercial applications. Intel also has a microphone to follow, automatically record the speaker for the development of speech, etc.

I acoustic development on a par with the world

Microcomputer electric parts in our country don't fall after people, the Chinese academy of sciences in 2000 by acoustic "acoustic micro electromechanical device and the module", again in 2002 for "micro silicon microphones practical research". The results respectively by the academy of sciences, high technology and micro-electromechanical 863 domain expert way knitting acceptance. Successful project developed overall performance reached the international advanced level of micro silicon condenser microphone, and reached the international leading in terms of practical application.

Acoustics, director jing pointed out that courtyard acoustic not only attaches great importance to the research and development, also thinking in the field of industrial problems. Acoustics for application market established the zhongke letter, and following the transformation of scientific and technological form strategic partner alliances to achieve results as soon as possible. In communication, network, voice applications such as household appliances, mobile phone as the goal, combined with both sides, accelerate the development of the embedded audio processing chip technology, the domestic communication will play a role in promoting the development of acoustic field.

Following founder Paul huang pointed out that science and technology, and following the addition of science and technology focus on both sides by acoustic system and the advantage of the chip, thus formed the complete solution to the massive number of audio information network According to the timely and accurate automatic monitoring, location and tracking, and associated specific content has important meaning. While the market was developed by IBM and other international company of the latest project.

In addition, the acoustic speech recognition, speech synthesis and speech coding technology also has to alone. By the original Intel China research institute of research and development team as the main body to form the zhongke letter of language LABS in the development of the embedded speech recognition system has made new breakthroughs, designed for voice navigation system developed by the 2008 Olympic Games in the Olympics, to provide real-time help for multilingual applications.