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▏Company development:

2000 strong electronic co., LTD. Was set up, it is in the leading position of the speaker 


2001 to obtain ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.

Siemens and philips headphones manufacturers 2003 into a door

2005 in Jiang Xiquan south to build factories, mainly produce SKULLCANDY 

headphones speakers

2007 has become compal TV, compal qualified suppliers.

2009 strong NaSha Town set up in guangzhou guangzhou electronics co., LTD., 

mainly produces TV, electric horn, and become the head office

2010 become the asus qualified suppliers, in the same year passed Ul VZQC2 certification

2011 become and pegatron, quanta and wistron supply qualified production

2011 the third industry wire production

2011 in chongqing on establishing the strong industry electronics co., LTD., the 

main production laptop speakers.

2013 strong, powerful, strong industry to ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

The 2013 Taipei new offices and laboratories

2014 as DELL, lenovo AIO qualified suppliers

Full implementation of monomer imported automation, 2014 monomer 

automation production

2015 zhongshan factory building, covering an area of 27 acres

2016 zhongshan factory is trying to start, TV automatic startup

2016 by QC080000 certification

2016 automated production company will implement the enclosure, the pioneer of realizing automation production and continuous efforts

"Quality first, price to win" is our eternal commitment and guarantee.

Research and development, quality and efficiency of the trinity, production to the market demand, customer satisfaction products.

Research and development, grasp the market information, to market demand with dynamic analysis, to develop new products; Continuously complete product functions, features, and production management system, teaching staff acquire a work idea of improving the innovation.

Quality - for the purpose of quality, set up the staff quality is the lifeblood of enterprises. To meet customer requirements, the active service for the customer, through the industrial engineering to improve customer satisfaction survey to achieve continuous improvement.

Benefits - a market-oriented, in order to benefit as the center, seize the opportunity to achieve the interests of the customer, organization and the staff together.